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         Hi my name is Eli Daniels and this is my first website. I am proud of it and I hope to involve you in the process of revising it to make it more user friendly and more entertaining for you and your buddies. The purpose of the site is to introduce myself, the ways that I can entertain you, explain a little bit about who I am and what motivates me in and out of the sack and of course to sell something. The stuff I have available falls into six major categories:













          I also spend a lot of time trying to keep connected to you. I have a weekly video blog and I try to write an entry at least three times a week. I aim to be prompt in responding to any texts or emails and to work on promising suggestions.. Any suggestions you can email to me at elifeedback@gmail.com and I will get back to you.



Eli Daniels...more about me



          I am a male escort who absolute loves his work. Though many say I am built for it, I am not a porn model nor am I an actor. I am a down to earth respectful, good looking guy with a Fat 9 inch piece, who went gym crazy two years ago and ended up with an exceptional physique. I spend three hours a day, six days a week and it pays off mentally and physically. I am 6'2, 209 with a 45 inch chest and a 31 inch waist. I walk around with a smile on my face and am excited about what tomorrow has to offer.


          As a person I am pretty direct (yea right) and I will tell a guy to his face that I don’t like him. I have no patience for people with any kind of attitude. I have an open mind and am curious about what is the essence that drives most people...in their lives and sexually.


          Since I love being sensual and sexual, as my body developed becoming an escort made perfect sense. I love making guys feel good physically having explored a sexual fetish they always wondered about but thought themselves too conservative. To be direct, sucking and fucking are wonderful but so is cuddling with the man you have just been hot with. And I make sure they are hot. I am into fetishes, toys, domination, S & M...anything that will make that makes the sex more personal and erotic. And if vanilla is fine, I will add the cream.


          Guys have come up to me and asked me where I have bought my clothes or toys from. So I got to thinking I would just offer these items directly for purchase for your convenience. If you can think of anything else you would like to see me in shoot me a text or an email with a photo of the item and where I can purchase it.


          And of course you can buy minutes to spend with me. Look carefully at the different types...you can see me clothed, naked, with a partner, in the sex room.


Well I have lots to show you...I hope you are UP for it.

- Live time with me as an incall at my place with the master suite

- Live time with me as an outcall at a location of your choosing

- Live time with me if you are not in town or I'm not in your city by SKYPE

- Videos of me to be purchased through Membership or in my Store

- My favorite bedroom toys and gizmoso

- Clothing I think is hot that I’ve worn myself

Eli Daniels







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Thank You so Much 


Eli Daniels

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Personal:  elidaniels83@gmail.com

Website:   elidanielsxxx@gmail.com 

Cell:          720.609.9192

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​Im Currently Going to School to become a surgeon and tuition is crazy and would love to have the assistance to go and not worry about having to take out massive loans. If you are feeling a little bit generous and want to give a helping hand please click on one of the donate buttons below. I would really appreciate every bit of help. 

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